Ashworth Audio Tunes in to M&H Appliance – and BrandSource Financial

By Andy Kriege, YSN

It was only last summer that Minnesota’s Ashworth Audio & Electronics purchased M&H Appliance from owner Bob Regan. Ashworth was a family-owned business that had been serving its community since 1996. Following the acquisition, the newly combined company rebranded its three stores, including the two Ashworth locations, to M&H Appliance Sales and Service.

All M&H employees were retained following the acquisition – including Regan, who continued with the company in a consulting capacity through the end of the year to provide a smooth transition. But after 40 years of successful retailing, he is also enjoying semi-retired life, his North Central Region reported, including well deserved fishing trips. Congratulations Bob!

Chris Moore, Program Director of BrandSource Financial (BSF), wasn’t surprised when Regan told her he was selling the business. “It has been a pleasure working with him and he has helped us out tremendously with the seamless transition under the new ownership,” she said. “I wish Bob well in his retirement and I have no doubt the same strong relationship will continue with Art and Brian [Ashworth].”

M&H Appliance had been working with BrandSource Financial since the service’s inception, and Moore is glad to announce that the relationship has continued, as the “new” M&H was approved and is actively engaged and working with BSF regularly. As General Manager Brian Ashworth noted, “We are excited to begin using BrandSource financial as a floor planning option. Chris Moore has been very accessible during the application process. We have been communicating day and night, getting all of the necessary documents in order to begin financing. We feel this will be a very good relationship.”

Added Regan, “As we have gone through a change in ownership, Christine and the gang at BrandSource Financial have guided all of us through this transition absolutely seamlessly.”

Brian himself was 15 years old when the family operated the appliance and electronics segment of the business out of their garage. His parents, owners Art and Debbie Ashworth, each have 23 years of industry experience and work the stores each day alongside their son, while daughter Angie manages the Mora, Minn., showroom. In addition to the Mora location, the Ashworth’s operate stores in Pease and St. Cloud, Minn., offering a solid selection of appliances, electronics, furniture and mattresses.

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