GE’s Buying Group Point Person Dan Goldstein Gets New Role

By Alan Wolf, YSN

Dan Goldstein, who for the past two years served as GE Appliances’ Executive Director for Groups & Independents, is moving over to the commercial side of the company.

As part of a sales executive reshuffle, Goldstein was promoted to Vice President of Contract Sales, effective earlier this November.

GE is currently interviewing candidates for the Groups & Independents post, a company spokesperson told YourSourceNews.

The new assignment was prompted by the pending retirement of Robert Rogers, Senior Vice President of Sales, who will step down at year’s end following an industry career that spanned more than three decades.

Rogers was succeeded by Steve Eddy, formerly Vice President of Retail Sales. That position in turn went to John Boyd, who has led GE’s contract business since 2013 and also served as Retail Region Manager. GE described him as “a data-driven leader with deep relationships in both channels.” Goldstein now assumes his contract-channel duties.

Both Boyd and Goldstein report to Eddy and will be members of GE’s Commercial Staff and Executive Council Leadership team. Eddy reports directly to Rick Hasselbeck, GE’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Of the retiring Rogers, Hasselbeck said his “inspirational leadership, commitment to customers and focus on developing his team helped us deliver the best years in our history and positioned us well for long-term growth. We wish him the best on his well-deserved retirement.”

He added that Eddy’s “34 years of experience, his will to win, and knowledge of our customers and the industry will help us continue our growth and solidify GEA as the leading appliance company in the United States.”

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