BrandSource Financial Goes Over and Above with Free Financing Offer

If cash is king, then BrandSource Financial (BSF) is the crown.

That’s the word from Christine Moore, Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager and Program Director of BrandSource’s in-house inventory financing arm. Granted, Moore may be a little biased after heading up the unit for more than two years. But a review of the program’s industry-leading features, and a new limited-time promotion, bears her out.

First and foremost, BSF, like the buying group itself, was created for the sole benefit of the members. That means that unlike other financing plans from vendors or third-party sources, members pay no interest charges, and any profits from the program go back to BrandSource dealers. This profit pass-along takes the form of Member Units, which provide dealers with a long-term nest egg, plus more immediate annual distributions that “puts cash in your pocket at the beginning of the year,” Moore said.

In addition, BrandSource Financial offers unusually favorable terms. Unlike the 30-day plans typical of most vendors, BSF extends payments out 60 days, 90 days and, on occasion, as much as a full year. Plus, members can run a wide range of vendor financing plans through the BrandSource program, which is rather like having your cake and eating it too.

What BSF does share with other inventory financing programs is the opportunity for improved cash flow, which can help members grow their businesses and increase their return on investment by boosting sales. 

And speaking of growth, BSF, soon marking its 10th anniversary, has enjoyed an increase every year since its inception, and is currently on track to end 2019 with a 20 percent spike in volume.

That comes as no surprise to member Ed Stewart of Stewart’s TV & Appliance in Elyria, Ohio. Stewart’s been with BSF for the past five years and runs “as much financing through BrandSource as possible.”

“Everything runs smoothly,” Stewart explained. “It makes it easy for me to manage my cash flow,” and to adjust his terms for one-time events like a truckload of show-special orders. Aiding the process is a user-friendly portal system and an always available Moore. “I can pick up the phone to ask Chris a question and have it answered pretty much immediately,” Stewart said.

While Stewart enjoys the added benefit of the Member Unit payouts – “It’s very attractive and provides a nice retirement kitty,” he noted – his motivation is also altruistic. “You have to do what you can to support the group,” he said.

Yet Moore said she’s “amazed” at group meetings when she discovers that “There are still members out there that don’t know what BrandSource Financial is.” To help remedy the situation and encourage increased participation, Moore is heralding a special financing promotion in honor of AVB’s 50th anniversary and BSF’s tenth. Now through Aug. 31, any member that joins the program or adds a new line will receive an extra 60 days of free financing. As Moore has said of BSF overall, “It’s the best economic value proposition in the industry.”

Chris Moore

For more information, contact Moore at, or call her at 714-422-0727 (office) or 714-473-9789 (mobile).