Restonic Mattresses Spring to the Forefront

Rest Easy…

By Alan Wolf

Although Restonic has been around for 80-plus years, is the largest independently-owned mattress manufacturer in the country and has been awarded multiple Consumers Digest “Best Buys,” many consumers are still not familiar with the brand.

But that’s beginning to change thanks to a phenomenal product, great entrepreneurial leadership and a new partnership with Scott Living.

For BrandSource dealers, taking a look at Restonic makes sense for a number of reasons: The brand lends itself to a higher average selling price; margins are great with no price restrictions; and you can count on fantastic back-end support from the manufacturer. It is a line that dealers should consider carrying because it is not commoditized and there are no direct-sales to the consumer. What’s more, small dealers get the same great pricing and leverage as larger dealers.

“Restonic delivers award-winning product that is value-rich and not over-distributed,” explained Chief Sales Officer Laurie Tokarz, “so retailers can maintain important price points and not erode their profit margins.”

Yet according to Tokarz, the biggest differentiator between Restonic and other mattress brands is service. “We continue to have more reps in the field than our competition,” she noted. “Our reps help keep your show floors looking updated, plan advertising, measure results, train on selling – and constantly monitor product mix to be sure each slot is delivering the most possible.”

Also favoring Restonic is its marketing support; a well-merchandised line that helps grow average unit selling prices (AUSPs) and margins; weekly delivery; and the lowest return rate in the industry at under 2 percent.

“We believe our success comes when our retail partners are successful,” Tokarz said.

About Those Twin Brothers…

Another factor in Restonic’s favor is the Scott Brothers. For those of you living under a rock who don’t know the pair, they are the wildly popular hosts of HGTV’s Property Brothers and boast a massive social media following and a cult of worshipping fans that follow their every move. Wherever they show their faces, scheduled or spontaneously, a mob of adoring fans pops up almost instantly.

Accordingly, their association with Restonic through their Scott Living home furnishings collection has been huge. Together Jonathan and Drew Scott have amassed more than 7 million followers across their social media platforms, far exceeding all other traditional brands in this difficult-to-capture digital arena.

Restonic similarly offers the most robust social media content in the industry for retail partners to leverage, including over 350 “Sleep blogs” that coordinate with FaceBook and Twitter posts. All can be repurposed by participating dealers, providing a huge marketing edge as content creation is one of the most challenging disciplines for retailers today.

Among those partners is Colder’s Furniture, Appliances and Mattresses in Milwaukee, Wisc., which recently moved to the Restonic brand exclusively. Merchandising VP Tom Balistreri shared that “The transition has gone seamlessly, the product is great, the service is great and the relationship with Scott Living by Restonic has been excellent,” Balistreri said. “In today’s world you need to reach customers more and more through non-traditional channels. Why not take advantage of a co-branding partnership as strong as the Scott Brothers? Consumers are interested in them which helps drive traffic. It just made sense to us to move to this brand.” 

Tim Cronin, a 20-plus-year Colder’s salesperson, acknowledged that “The Restonic brand is not as familiar to our customers as our previous line was, so it takes a little more education up front. Once we have educated the customer about the brand, the selling process is very similar. We have a great selection in our gallery so finding the right product at the right price point in the Restonic line has been an easy transition. We’ve had great support from Restonic,” he said. 

Restonic in the Marketplace…

Restonic’s products, merchandising, marketing and dealer support are beginning to pay huge dividends in the marketplace. Maria Balistreri, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for the brand, is very excited about the company cracking the Top 10 list of U.S. mattress manufacturers. “We were up 19 percent last year, picking up market share in a soft year,” she said. “Our goal is to continue to grow in part by helping independent dealers capitalize on this opportunity.” Her advice to dealers: Consider every customer who walks into your store a potential mattress customer. 

Balistreri further advises against matching the cheap, direct-sale brands. “You simply can’t compete against the $199 Internet mattress, nor should you want to,” she said. “You have to stand out in the marketplace. We are here to help you create a unique customer experience. People are coming to your store to buy from you. Your customers are loyal, they trust you and want to purchase from you. We can help make that happen by driving them to you with a great product and great support.”

She added: “When our retailers start to really take advantage of the brand’s social media strength and start to leverage that locally, I really expect the growth will accelerate and provide for even more opportunity.” 

YSN is published by BrandSource parent company AVB Inc.

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