By YSN Staff

Samsung’s commitment to dealers has reached new heights with the introduction of its new Regional Personal Touch program. Unveiled in February and launched nationwide in April, Personal Touch gives dealers a new and better way to reach out to the company for help. 

Tom Anderson, senior director customer care for Samsung Electronics America, said the program is geared toward making sure its dealers are pleased and by extension, the end users of Samsung products are happy. 

“You have to have good service to promote the brand and sell it,” Anderson said. “Typically, when a consumer buys a product and nothing goes wrong, they tend to forget what brand they bought. Consumers who have a problem that gets resolved are bigger brand advocates of where they bought it and what they bought.”

Here’s how it works: When a dealer from a Samsung distributor or from the east, south, central or west region emails the company, those messages go to a specific person dedicated to handling their queries. Each agent has a designated backup person, and all members of the team have access to one another’s inboxes. 

The idea, Anderson said, is to guarantee no dealer email goes unanswered. Ever. 

“We’re seeing the benefit of this: Dealers getting used to dealing with same person and turnaround time is much quicker,” he said. “We’re seeing drastically reduced turnaround time between the initial email, acknowledgment of the email and the resolution.”

In addition to the four regions and the distributor, there’s a sixth account set up for members of the Samsung Customer Care Council. The council is made up of 16 dealers – including four from BrandSource – who participate in quarterly webinars with Samsung and provide advisory know-how and ideas to the company. 

The council came about because Samsung decided that only communicating with its dealers during emergencies wasn’t good enough. Anderson said the council is another way Samsung is trying to personalize relationships with its customers.  

Right now, there are six agents and six backups on the Personal Care team – one for each region and the council – but Anderson said the intention is to add agents if the need grows. In the meantime, dealer emails are not going into the general queue anymore. 

“Not that the general queue is a bad thing,” Anderson said. “It’s just not a personal experience.”

The Samsung Dealer Support Center, including the Personal Care team, is based in Greenville, South Carolina, and employs more than 600 people. In addition, Samsung also recently opened its world-class laundry manufacturing facility in Newberry, South Carolina, which will employ 1,000 people by 2020. 

The Personal Care agents are on duty seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST. That means that for the most part, independent dealers can be sure their email will be answered quickly. For those queries that need more specialized information, the Personal Care agent will escalate those emails up to a strategic account manager – the small team that interacts directly with service departments. 

To get the most out of the Personal Care program, dealers should have the following information available: 

• Dealer name and contact information 
• Full model number of the item in question
• Full 15-digit serial number
• Clear description of the problem or what’s needed
• Any information about parts (including part numbers) or other items that are needed. 

Each region has its own email address, which will ensure that dealer emails reach their dedicated agent and solutions will quickly follow. 


BrandSource members who aren’t sure what region they fall into should contact their Samsung representative for more information.   

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