By Chad Evans, GM of Merchandising BrandSource

With the start of the new year, sales growth and opportunity are abundant. But without the right tools in place, it may be a challenge to get off on the right foot for the year ahead. Advertising appliances digitally, and doing so in the correct way, is absolutely vital for any dealer to be successful in 2019.

So, how do you advertise your appliances effectively and what is the best strategy for success?

The answer is digital.

With the recent changes in the industry, opportunity abounds with a lot of customers out there looking for a place to buy their appliances. With the right digital strategy to get the customer in the door, you have the power to acquire customers who would otherwise have gone to a big box store. Almost all product searches start online, so being present where the customer is searching is extremely important.

Having a responsive, best-in-class website and an effective digital marketing strategy are truly the key to being successful in this ever-evolving appliance industry. If you are not spending half of your advertising and marketing budget in the digital area, you should be! It is also important to make sure your website is pricing compliant and competitive when people are looking for appliances.

Todd Hall of Duerden’s Appliance and Mattress in Bountiful, Utah has found great success in a digital strategy for his business.

“What works changes faster than it ever has. Not only do good ideas stop working more quickly, they fail more abruptly,” Hall said. “The only sure investment is original content. For example, professional photos of your store, your customer’s kitchens and your team, as well as blogs and helpful videos, are key. Try a lot of things for a little money, then reinforce what is working the best. We used to think that our parking lot was where the first impression started. Now it’s our website. Although only a small percentage of sales are done online, nearly every shopping journey starts online.”

BrandSource offers a unique solution for members to enhance their digital platform. AVB Marketing is Brand-Source’s in-house, member-owned marketing firm. Because nothing is outsourced and everything is managed in-house, there is a huge cost savings versus a conventional marketing agency. Dealers can also utilize AVB marketing for website design, social media help and management, online advertising assistance and so much more.

Aside from digital advertising, focusing on financing and promotions will also help customer acquisition. Customers look for the best deal on the highest quality products. When they are searching for appliances, making sure you have the best promotions and financing offers on the market will draw them in and give them a reason to step foot into your store. You can sell them on your company story from there.

Adam Conaty, Senior Principal NAM – Buying Groups at GE Appliances, said all the latest studies prove that the vast majority of appliance purchases begin online but the actual purchases are made in a brick-and-mortar store.

“According to research at Retail Dive, 87 percent of appliance shoppers begin product searches digitally, which is up significantly over last year,” Conaty said. “While shoppers start the process online, says 90 per-cent of appliance purchase decisions are still made at a retail store. GE Appliances is committed to aligning our national marketing and advertising initiatives with AVBMarketing to design experiences that allow consumers to do more than just browse and shop. Our goal is to create a digital experience that mirrors the showroom, increase store visits and grow sales through effective omni-channel execution.”

As you start 2019, focus on a digital change and enhancement to your business. When done in the correct way, it will speak volumes for your business and put more money back in your pocket.

Chad Evans
GM of Merchandising

YSN is published by BrandSource parent company AVB Inc.

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