• The Best Kind of Good Publicity is Free

    I can hear you already: “Well, duh, of course it is.” But I’d be willing to bet that it’s not for the reason you think. Read more…

    By Rich Lindblom | Published on July 14, 2021

  • Never Zig When You Can Zag

    You’d probably need to find someone born between the time when there were 48 U.S. states and the TV dial had 12 channels to know what the phrases “It’s a doozy” and “That’s ritzy” mean. Read more…

    By Gordon Hecht | Published on July 19, 2021



  • What’s Up with Foam?

    It’s been months since a freak winter storm shut down production of foam’s petrochemical components, yet furniture and appliance manufacturers are still clamoring for the critical cushioning and insulating material. Read more…

    By Alan Wolf | Published on July 14, 2021

  • Ashley Opens Wisconsin Upholstery Plant

    Ashley Furniture Industries cut the ribbon this month on its newest manufacturing facility. Read more…

    By Alan Wolf | Published on July 15, 2021